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“I can express the beauty of the moment.”In search of such a job,I set up a atelier in nature rich Karimizu.

Karimizu area, Obama-cho Unzen city, Nagasaki. In this quiet village in the mountains where you can see the ocean, there is Atelier Aiakane.

At the atelier, we make yarns and dyes using plants from the rich nature of the Karimizu, and we are constantly producing works of spinning, dyeing and weaving.

The atelier is also a shop. We are selling works, service for spinning, dyeing and weaving trial classes, and dyeing services. We also manufacture "Eating Indigo Series" with indigo raised in the field of the Atelier Aiakane..

Currently, there are cotton, indigo, akane, loquat, plum, walnut, camellia, bamboo, kiwi, fennel, lemon grass, mint, and other seasonal flowers are growing in the field of the atelier surrounded by rich natures.

Please enjoy our works with nature, reflecting the beauty of the seasonal moments.

Atelier Aiakane Terumi Suzuki

Atelier Aiakane -Spinning, Dyeing, and Weaving atelier in Obama-cho, Unzen city, Nagasaki.-

Open on Fri, Sat, Sun 10:00~17:00 / Contact us in advance about Mon to Thu

1012 Kitahonmachi Obama-cho, Unzen city Nagasaki 854-0514, Japan

tel +81-90-3899-1393+81-90-3899-1393 / mail aiakane@hotmail.com

The roads around the Karimizu area is too narrow for cars to enter. Therefore, if you are coming by car, please use “Marine park parking lot” and “Obama branch parking lot” (Toll / 10 minutes on foot)