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The concept shop where you can feel the world of view of Atelier Aiakane through five senses.

Aiakane Store is the concept shop of Atelier Aiakane. It consists of shop and café. The house of Shop Aiakane was built about 130years ago.
On the first floor, we sell products that were spinned, dyed or weaved at Atelier Aiakane. We also sell special products selected by us.
On the second floor, you can enjoy drinks and foods made from Japanese Indigo plants, “Eating Japanese Indigo” series.

Aiakane Store

Open 10:00~17:00 / Close Tuesday

〒854-0514 1003 Kitahonmachi Obama-cho, Unzen city, Nagasaki
[with private parking lot (6 cars)]

tel 0957-60-42340957-60-4234 / mail aiakane@hotmail.com