Eating Indigo

Eat the Indigo

In Japan, indigo was not only used for “dyeing", but also has been familiar plants as “medicinal herb” for a long time. There are many documents supporting the eating indigo in the Edo era such as “Indigo merchants (dye shops) carried indigo in charm bags, they took it at the time of stomach ache and escaped the difficulty.” “An indigo merchant visited Choshu, and had a delicious meal for Blowfish in exchange for a handful of Sukumo (one that fermented Indigo).

Eating Indigo Series of Atelier Aiakane

We used various indigo brought up by Atelier Aiakane to prepare various lineups as “Eating Indigo series”. The harvested indigo is washed with clear water of Obama, dried, bagged one by one manually by hand.
Indigo is committed not to use any agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers. Also, ingredients with indigo is combined with the natural salt of Tachibana Bay facing Obama, Urume sardine from Nagasaki, and seaweed kelp from Shimabara all made by the local people we trust.

Efficacy of Indigo

Indigo is said to have the power of creating a disease-resistant body.
“Eating Indigo” to the daily life. Please feel the power while enjoying the color, aroma, and taste of indigo.

The products of Eating Indigo Series