Trial class for weaving

Trial class for weaving

Trial class for weaving

It is an trial class where you use weaving machines to weave into cloth using dyed tread with plants in Aiakane Studio. Even if you do the same work depending on how you the weft threading through the warp thread, you can weave the cloth with a different expression. Please choose from two kinds of coasters / luncheon mats for productions


Weave the cloth by weft thread repeatedly passed through a weaving machine with a warp thread in advance.

2.Remove from weaving machine

After weaving the required amount, cut the warp and remove the woven fabric from the weaving machine.

3.Thread Cleansing

The thread cleansing is the work that connects the warp threads, so that the weft thread will not get frayed. (About 1 hour)
Even if you didn’t finish within the time, you can take it home and continue the thread finish.